Liora Saad is the designer and owner of the New Zealand brand Toodles Noodles and has been one of our New Zealand artists at Cuppacoffeecup since 2016.


We enjoy the cheeky, beautiful and colourful designs that Toodles Noodles brings to the Cuppacoffeecup range.


Liora grew up in California, USA, but made New Zealand her home in 2007.  She now resides just outside of Cambridge in the beautiful Waikato and is the owner and product designer of Toodles Noodles.  Liora is on the pulse of current design trends and delights in producing eco-friendly lifestyle and homeware products using New Zealand’s nature as the inspiration for her products giving them an earthy feel.  Her designs are targeted to the “motivators, organisers, beautifiers and Girl Bosses everywhere” and it is great to have some designs made specifically with the female audience in mind.


Liora says about Toodles Noodles that “We design giftware that is multifunctional and aesthetically pleasing.  Because we believe that everyone deserves a little bit of beautiful.”  We couldn’t agree more and are so pleased to have Toodles Noodles on board as an artist with Cuppacoffeecup.


Toodles Noodles and Cuppacoffecup are a great business collaboration as the vision of Toodles Noodles is to use eco-friendly materials for their products.  This sits with us nicely as we are a New Zealand company too, that makes New Zealand made reusable recyclable coffee cups with fantastic high-resolution imagery.  With the help of Toodles Noodles, our Cuppacoffeecups are an extremely attractive reusable cup option.  They are so funky, we are hoping they will become an essential fashion accessory.


We are so grateful that Toodles Noodles is happy to share some of her designs with us.