Anna Filimonova

Award winning Ukrainian/Kiwi artist Anna Filimonova seeks to communicate her distinct outsider interpretation of the world, painting visions of the real and unreal. Anna was born in the western Ukrainian town of Uzhgorod. Anna was drawing before she could walk, and surprising adults with her skill. At 15 she entered the College of Adalbert Erdeli, which specialises in art education, and where she developed much of her technical skill. Later she married and moved to Auckland, where she now works as a professional artist since 2016.

She perceives the world both as it is, with a particular love of the New Zealand landscape, and as it might be: surreal worlds, shapes, and abstract images. Her interweaving of natural and fantastical imagery seeks to challenge us and to tell stories about ourselves and our environment. Anna offers insight into how we understand and perceive our reality, looking through the doors and windows of our preconceptions.

You can view Anna’s art at