Reuse…..Reuse…..Reuse….. Recycle



CUPPACOFFEECUP is a New Zealand-made reusable takeaway coffee cup. Instead of disposing of a cup every time you have a takeaway coffee, re-use your CUPPACOFFEECUP. The idea behind CUPPACOFFEECUP was to create a reusable cup that is lightweight, has striking full colour imagery and looks and feels much like a disposable cup.



It is estimated that 100-200 million disposable cups are used each year in New Zealand.  That number is even higher in Australia – with approximately 800 million disposable cups being used each year.  Many disposable cups cannot be recycled because they are lined with plastic.  There is also a significant environmental cost in manufacturing disposable cups.  Even compostable disposable cups cannot be composted without the correct facilities.


Our People

Darren Turner created the concept of CUPPACOFFEECUP. Darren is the General Manager of CUPPACOFFEECUP and is now joined by Monique Mackie and Keeley Jenkins, both Business Development Managers.