Angie Dennis is one of our longest standing New Zealand artists, joining the Cuppacoffeecup family in 2012 with her amazing fauna designs.  Her love for drawing shines through in her art which has been described as vibrant, contemporary and bold.  We are grateful that her art can be easily adapted to look great on a Cuppacoffeecup.

Angie grew up in the UK and made Auckland, New Zealand her home in 1998.  Since 2002, Angie has been painting professionally but after a number of years completing commission work, Angie became too popular so started exploring a print range, which we are pleased she did!

Art was always a passion for Angie and was imbedded in her veins as she comes from an artistic family.  However, upon leaving school, Angie studied zoology and environmental science.  This background gives an insight into her passion for nature and wildlife and preserving the indigenous flora and fauna through her artwork.

Angie is always pushing boundaries with her artwork and is inspired by New Zealand and all its offerings, together with podcasts she enjoys listening too about world events.

Together with her very obvious love for nature, Angie also has a keen eye for interior design which is what makes her one of New Zealand’s most popular and sort after printmakers.

One of the things we love about Angie’s work is that she puts a huge amount of thought, compassion and detail into art.  This is extremely obvious and abundant in her new range, some of which she has generously shared with us, being Unity and Equality.

“Without diversity, the natural environment wouldn’t survive.  New Zealand could be considered as one of the most diverse nations in the world due the high rates of immigration.  These pieces celebrate and recognise New Zealand’s cultural diversity together with the unique native birds.  There are over 200 nationalities in NZ so I was only able to cover a few in these pieces.  The bowl is the same in each piece to show the commonality of each nationality based on where we live.”

It is also her love for the natural environment which makes her a great advocate for saving the environment one disposable cup at a time.  By allowing us to use some of her artwork, our Cuppacoffeecups become a very attractive reusable cup option and an amazing gift to encourage others to become eco-warriors.

We are extremely grateful that Angie continues to amaze us with her work and look forward to what she produces next.