Mandy Williams, a Tauranga based New Zealand artist, came on board as an artist with Cuppacoffeecup in September 2018.

For as long as she can remember, Mandy had a passion for art but did not start creating artworks until after her first child was born.  Her passion then extended to include art and children.  Mandy says “Having children reminded me of the simple things in life that are so special.  Once I had my inspiration it was hard to put my brush down!”

She has now been busy creating artworks for the past 15 years evolving this passion for art and children and has been creating original works and commissioned pieces for many families.

Mandy’s original artwork allows her the space and confidence to push the boundaries while enabling her the time to work with different mediums and techniques, all creating many different bodies of work.

Mandy brought something unique to Cuppacoffeecup when she joined as an artist by sharing her design, Courage & Pride, from her “Indulge” series.  This design offered something different to what was currently available in our range and was lapped up by the many retailers we sell too.

“This design is from my latest collection ‘Indulge’.  This cup includes both ‘Pride’ (Girl) and ‘Courage’ (Boy).  These paintings combine a fabulous William Morris Wallpaper in the background of my little Maori Boy and Girl.  Representing the combining of cultures, strong, bold, proud and beautiful.”

This “Indulge” series was inspired by indulging her passions of art and children with one of her others, interior design, and allowed Mandy to combine them altogether capturing the hum of youthful wonder and unexpected friendships with stunning wallpapers and fabrics.

Mandy enjoys producing artwork which she hopes will provide people with inspiration and self-confidence to change things up within their own home’s interior.  Given that we are lucky enough to have Mandy’s artwork on our Cuppacoffeecups, we hope that those who love her artwork will also be inspired to join Cuppacoffeecup on our reuse and recycle ethos, promote sustainability and do their bit to save the planet.

Mandy has a unique style all of her own which makes her art easily recognisable.

We hope that Mandy continues to find time to explore new techniques and combine them with her existing passions.

We are excited for the future with Mandy.

Courage and Pride