What a treat it is to have Janine Millington as part of our Cuppacoffeecup artist team.  Janine currently has five designs with us, one of them being our top seller – the gorgeous Pohutukawa Fantail.


Janine is an artist, illustrator, children’s book illustrator, art tutor and graphic designer from Southbridge, Canterbury, not to mention a busy mum.  With all of these hats, Janine still always has time to adapt her work for us for our Cuppacoffeecups.


Last year we were contacted by the Hihi Conservation Charitable Trust together with Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi to put together a design for our Cuppacoffeecup to support their work to save the endangered New Zealand native Hihi or Stitch Bird.  Our instant thought was to contact Janine to see whether she would be available to put something together for them and us.  What she produced was amazing and exactly what the Trust were looking for.  Janine was our natural choice for this project due to the beautiful bird designs she had already created and her natural talent to produce detailed art with intricate drawings and bright, vibrant colour.


Janine has been an artist with Cuppacoffeecup since 2015 and we hope she will continue to supply artwork for us for many more years to come.  She has a background in graphic design which enables her art to be created in two separate processes – detailed hand drawings and then painting which she can do traditionally with a brush or digitally with a mouse.


Janine is a great supporter of Cuppacoffeecup and the sustainability they promote.  Her designs are available in our ever popular 12Oz sized barista friendly cups.  Her amazing designs are a popular choice by our customers and provide an attractive, vibrant reusable cup option.


Thanks Janine.  Your artwork is amazing!