What a delight it is to have the very talented Lucy Gauntlett as a New Zealand artist with Cuppacoffeecup.  Her current design, Kingfisher Reef, is a true reflection of her gorgeous work and showcases her exceptional skills as a photographer and artist.


Lucy’s background is in the photography and design industry and she has won high profile New Zealand NZIPP photography awards together with numerous Gold, Silver & Bronze NZIPP print awards.


Lucy never settles for the norm where her art is concerned, always thinking outside the box.  We are amazed by Lucy’s ability to keep pushing herself to explore different photography and art boundaries, providing exciting new art for everyone.  She now combines her photography and art in what she calls a mixed media of “digital fusion” which see her layer texture, drawing and painting.  The basis of her artwork is still captured mainly from photography, but it is then processed to be presented to look more like mixed media or paintings.  Her work is pure genius and we are so excited to have her artwork on one of our 12 Oz Cuppacoffeecups.


With Lucy’s artwork on our cups, we know that people will be further inspired to do their bit to save the planet by reusing their Cuppacoffeecup instead of adding to landfill by using a disposable takeaway cup.


We are excited to have further Lucy Gauntlett pieces of art on our Cuppacoffeecups and know you are too.