We met the lovely Auckland based Lisa Robertson in 2017 and are thrilled we did.  Eight gorgeous Cuppacoffeecup designs later and our working relationship is still going strong, together with the designs.

What a journey we have been on.  Lisa has delighted us with birds, bunnies, cats and now the recent perfect addition, Kia Kaha (Stay Strong).

Lisa has a passion for bringing our New Zealand native birds alive with acrylics on canvas, but since her establishment as a New Zealand artist in 2014 has adapted her art to meet the needs of her ever growing following around New Zealand and across the world.  Her popularity continues to grow due to her simple, colourful, fun and identifiable style that undoubtedly appeals to all ages.

Lisa enjoys being an artist for Cuppacoffeecup as she understands the waste created by takeaway coffee cups.  By being a part of the production of an eco-friendly reusable coffee cup, she feels she is contributing in a small way to the solution of stopping takeaway coffee cups ending up in our landfill.  Lisa also enjoys giving these as gifts herself or heading to the beach with her own!

Lisa’s artwork is available in both our 12Oz and 8Oz cup range, all barista friendly, which provides a great choice for the avid coffee drinkers among us.

We are excited to be a part of Lisa’s ever evolving journey and we cannot wait to see what she produces next.

Thanks Lisa x


Reusable, recyclable Cuppacoffeecup designed by Love Lis NZ

Kia Kaha