Glenn Jones has been a part of the Cuppacoffeecup artist team since 2015.


Glenn is an amazing New Zealand artist, and one we are thrilled to have on board.  Glenn creates pop culture inspired artwork with a fun and quirky kiwiana nature which we are pleased to say look amazing on our Cuppacoffeecups.  Any new design Glenn releases is always well received and extremely popular with our customers.


We are always excited when he releases new designs, as are all New Zealanders.  Glenn says “Generally, I think they evoke memories from childhood and I often try to do it with a unique funny spin, so they make people happy.”


Glenn resides in Auckland with his lovely family.  He is a graphic designer and illustrator who gave up his job in the corporate world to start his own business in 2007.  This was a US based T Shirt business called Glennz Tees.  He shot to internet stardom when one of his T Shirts was worn by celebrities such as Jim Parsons on an episode of The Big Bang Theory.


Glenn Jones Art was then born after the birth of the Jones’ second child, allowing the family to be together and work from home.  Glenn is the ideas man and Julia, his wife, is the manager.  Together they are the perfect team and the business is thriving with companies like Google and Facebook all wanting a slice of the Glenn Jones pie.


We currently have a whopping nine Glenn Jones designs on our Cuppacoffeecups, all with their own unique flavour.  Glenn has a busy mind, always creating something different and quirky, and which perfectly suits the feel and need of New Zealanders.


His designs create interest and make a statement, something which is ideal for a company who is trying to reduce the amount of takeaway coffee cups that end up in our landfill each year.  People are drawn to and love the designs as they strike a chord with them, so are encouraged to buy a Cuppacoffeecup and be seen with it, over and over again.  This is the Cuppacoffeecup ethos, REUSE, REUSE, REUSE, RECYCLE.


Thank you Glenn Jones for helping us and New Zealanders on their sustainability journey.


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