How lucky are we to have Greg Straight as one of our Cuppacoffeecup artists.  Greg’s artwork is well known throughout New Zealand and is easily identifiable due to his cool, retro and nostalgic take on all things Kiwi.  He is always busy putting artwork together for many high profile brands and everywhere we look we are treated with an amazing Greg Straight piece of art, whether it be on murals, packaging designs, billboards, magazine covers and, of course, Cuppacoffeecups.


Greg has been providing his amazing artwork for Cuppacoffeecup since 2015 when he produced the ever-popular Pink Fantail design which is still one of our top sellers today.  We are proud to have five Greg Straight designs currently in our range and are always keen for more, as are our customers.


It is no wonder that Greg has become such a popular New Zealand icon in many households around New Zealand.  His artwork encompasses all the “kiwi cool” activities we do within our fantastic Kiwi landscape that make us New Zealanders.  His artwork instantly makes us smile by reminding us of our happy memories from our past of fun summer roadies, bike riding, surfing and just chilling at the classic kiwi Bach.  His ability to bring these memories to life are due to his amazing ability to produce creative and brightly coloured graphics that everyone enjoys and wants to have in their homes or on their Cuppacoffeecup!


Greg trained at the Elam School of Fine Arts where he majored in painting with his tutor who was none other than the renowned New Zealand artist, Dick Frizzell.  He then began a successful career as a graphic designer, in London and then back to his grass roots in New Zealand.  He now resides in Auckland with his lovely family.  It is Greg’s graphic design background which is notable in his artwork.  His artwork is distinguishable by his use of geometric forms, classic iconic imagery and the bright and vibrant colour palette he uses – all mixed together with a good old fashioned kiwi sense of fun.


Greg’s passion for all things kiwi extend to his love for preserving all things kiwi and our environment.  Hence why Greg enjoys having his artwork on our cups.  That fact that our Cuppacoffeecups are New Zealand made are a tick in the right box too for Greg.  His designs are available on our 12Oz and 8Oz cups which provides a great variety for our customers too.  There is no excuse for anyone to not do their part towards sustainability while Greg is part of the Cuppacoffeecup artist family.