Welcome on board to the Cuppacoffeecup family, Ellen Giggenbach.  We love your artwork and are so excited to have Mini Birds available on our Cuppacoffeecups.

German born Ellen completed her schooling in New Zealand and then moved with her father’s work to Vienna where she completed her studies of Graphic Art.  When returning to New Zealand, Ellen completed a graphic design course in Wellington receiving a Diploma with Distinction in Graphic Design.

It is not surprising that Ellen’s passion was to become the amazing artist that she is today, as her family had a love for all things creative and crafty.

Today though, Ellen is the proud owner of her own business – her store “Ellen G” in Petone.  Her dream of owning her own retail store has been realised and it is brimming full of all her prints, homewares and paper products.  Everything for sale features her own designs and now includes Cuppacoffeecups too.

Ellen takes inspiration for her artwork from traditional European folk art, mid-century illustration and design and surroundings such as from the gorgeous seaside village of Eastbourne that she now calls home.  Nature is always a great influence and motivation for artwork to blossom, but Ellen says some ideas also come from her customers as she is always keen to receive feedback.

Once an idea is borne, Ellen’s work emerges like a puzzle as layers are continually added until the balance, shape and colour are just perfect.  Ellen’s work is ideal for display on our Cuppacoffeecups due to its extremely decorate and vibrant nature.

When you buy a Cuppacoffeecup featuring Ellen’s design, you are not only doing your bit to save the planet by reusing instead of disposing of takeaway coffee cups, but you are also carrying with you a decorative and joyful piece of art that your friends, family and strangers will be jealous of.

We can’t wait until we can produce another Cuppacoffeecup with your artwork Ellen.  Keep brightening up our warehouse and everyone’s lives with your work.