The world is living in varying degrees of Covid-19 levels and there has been much to say by scientists regarding the use of reusable cups.  As New Zealand passed just over 100 days with no community transmission of Covid-19, we were again thrown into turmoil when we were struck with the news that we did in fact, once again, have community transmission within our country.


While New Zealand was starting to get back to some sense of normality and confidence was returning to once again use reusable cups, we were plunged back into heightened Level restrictions from midday on Wednesday, 12 August 2020 – Level 3 for Auckland and Level 2 for the rest of New Zealand.


Overseas, the large Starbucks chains had re-opened its doors and had announced the allowance of reusable cups, as they had devised a way to allow customers to use their own cups in a completely contactless manner.


Kiwi ingenuity had also taken place during our first Covid-19 lockdown and saw cafes allowing the use of reusable cups as they had fashioned their own ingenious ways of also serving coffee completely contactless.


Below is some information from the Covid-19 Government website.  At the time of collecting this information to share, the Covid-19 Government website page had been last updated on 13 August 2020.


You can find this information under “Doing business at Alert Level 3” and then “Retail and hospitality”:



While we get through this second wave of Covid-19 cases and some parts of New Zealand are now living within Alert Level 3, your Cuppacoffeecups may be stored away in your kitchen cupboards when they don’t need to be.


Our designs are so bright and cheerful and they deserve to be seen and be taken out and about.  If you are not visiting your local coffee shop, make your own coffee and head out for some fresh air while the weather is good.


Whatever you do, don’t get out of the habit of taking your reusable cup with you as we will all once again be back to that sense of normality that we all loved, traveling within our own country and will all be using reusable cups once again.


Keep safe New Zealand.